United Colors of IoT is a community-driven event that promotes the opportunity for everyone to get involved in the IoT revolution. Unlike other tech events, we are non-profit and keep ticket prices as low as possible, because we believe that startups, students and individual IoT enthousiasts are just as important to the industry as big corporates.

If there is anything that we as an organization have learned from our experience in business and technology is that the greatest innovation often comes from the most unlikely places.

That is why we are commited to three things:

1 – INTERACTION:┬áBy keeping the stages small and sessions interactive, we promote interaction between speakers and attendees.

2 – HANDS ON: We provide hands on sessions that let anyone get started with IoT technology, with or without prior technical experience.

3 – BUSINESS: To thrive in the economy of IoT it is important to understand how you can capitalize on this technical revolution. Our speakers are curated to give you a deep understanding on how to use IoT in your business or startup.